Welcome to this community

This platform is created for the purpose of harmonious unity and co-creation of conscious communities. Self-organising sustainable ecovillages, permaculture, regenerative organic agriculture and other similar communities. There are many beautiful souls that want to come together in safe environments both online and on sacred land, so that we can live in harmony with nature and eachother. Combining affordable living spaces, fair and open workplaces, sustainable food growing, ceremonial spaces, cultural meetingplaces, retreats, events and more to co-create vibrant societies that heal the people and the land.

This network website is not part of facebook or any corporation. It is it’s own social media platform especially created for a conscious tribe. Feel free to look around, you are NOT being monitored. This is an open space where you can create groups/communities (real projects), forums etc. We are in early stages of development, so new functions like resource database and fund(finance) will be added soon.

We want to create a flat foundation that owns the website and create an elder council to make sure the organisation goes in a good direction and upholds healthy values. Looking forward to create beautiful communities with you.

We can recommend to read our guiding principles here.

For system walkthrough video click here.

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