Holistically Healthy Societies – System change & Resource based economy

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In reality all systems in human society are fictitious, and require our participation to be real. The truth is that we are fortunate enough to be living beings on this beautiful planet, and must learn to coexist with each other and nature in order to live sustainably. If the systems we have created up until this point does not enable us to live in harmony on this planet we CAN change them.

To get one thing straight; There is no nation, government, organisation, company or external being that has the authority or right to force you into any action or way of living that you do not want. It’s time to realise this again; that there is a natural law that comes before any system.

“Every being has the right to be sovereign, and to choose over their own body, mind & life.”

Many people have over long periods of time worked to establish common human rights that are based on natural laws. In 1948 the United Nations established a Universal declaration of Human Rights. The original UN declaration can be found here.

“..recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.“

We should be well aware by now that capitalism and centralised leadership has not been able to create a society where these rights, including natural law, are respected and sustained. Not even democracies have been able to function as truly democratic, because of partial interests.

So what kind of system will enable beings to live in harmony while respecting natural law and human rights, in such a way that we can sustainably live on this planet for the foreseeable future?

There are many models available, and many small communities that are successful. Eco-villages(GEN) and permaculture communities all around the world are good examples of this. The venus project also explores possible solutions, and seems to be on to something (resource based economy). The Ringing Cedars of Russia (Kin’s Domains & Dachas) & The ubuntu movement are also good examples worth mentioning here. 

It seems that in order for a system to replace governments we need a strong foundation that works universally, as well as keep the freedom for local areas to govern themselves (decentralised). It needs to be possible to be applied anywhere, at any time, by anyone, any size & the entire world.

1 Strong Foundation – Common laws

Every being has the right to be sovereign and decide over their own body, mind and Life. Each person has freedom over their own life with truly equal rights. No person may use violence, or the threat of violence, against another except in legitimate self-defense.This is also covered in Common Law, law of the land, natural law practice.

Every being is responsible for their own actions and to do their best to respect others rights. 

In order for this to actually work there can be NO top down authority (decentralised), and the people must know about their rights. Any further system to organise agreements & co-creation must honor these rights, and be truly democratic or better (direct & dynamic participation).

We may have elder councils with wise and knowledgeable people to guide, but they can not enforce decisions on others. Laws should not be numerous and complex, but simple and based on natural law.

Love for our precious planet and each other is one of the strongest foundations we can have.

2 Sustainability

The actions in any community need to be as sustainable as possible. This means that we can continue doing it forever without degrading our environment or spiritual connections.

We recognise that we are part of a circle of life and by contributing to the holistic health of the community/planet we ensure that life is sustained. By helping each other fulfill our needs and heart dreams we provide for our own wellbeing as well. Fair share and honesty in trade are strong values that guide us in our work. Permaculture & Regenerative ways of living are good tools to mention.

We must be able to keep the earth/soil organic and fertile (nutrient rich), and the waters pure & flowing (mineral rich & vibrant). The Air and Electromagnetic environment also needs to be clean.

We have to be able to think long term for the benefit of all life (the next 7 generations).

3 Health

We honor good health to be one of the most important resources in any community. If we have our health we have energy, freedom, clear thinking, workforce, creativity, care & love. The Allopathic way of seeing the body as a machine with separate parts is not sustainable. Holistic health is about recognising all the aspects that affect our body, mind & spirit, including our environment and inner wellbeing (emotional & mental). 

Most of us want optimal health that allows us to have long, meaningful lives filled with quality energy, without fear of disease. Our full potential is far more than we have been led to believe; and when we take natural measures for our bodies and minds and create a balanced and healthy lifestyle, everything changes. 

The body is directly affected by everything we expose it to, that means all our habits. An important factor that seems to always play a part is our thoughts and emotions, our minds (placebo and nocebo). Other frequencies like radiation, micro organisms and energy from others, may affect us; but if we take measures to give ourselves the fundamental needs our system becomes strong and protects us. Understanding health can be fairly simple, and in order for this information to be available to more people we will share it in this document.

We have found that good health is based upon 4 important pillars:

  1. Safe and natural resources are available to all (organic & preferably local).
  2. Truthful knowledge, independent science and practical information is shared.
  3. Safe and fertile environments both online and physical are sustained.
  4. People with care & love come together to heal and unite in harmony.

It seems like there are 7 key needs for our physical body:

  • Clean air (oxygen with “negatively” charged ions)
  • Clean natural water (ph-balance & vitality)
  • Sleep/rest (recovery and excretion)
  • Sunlight (lifeforce & internal nutrient production)
  • Grounding/earthing (balance, energy, contact)
  • Nutrition (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, microbes, enzymes, lifeforce)
  • Movement (training, yoga, dancing, flow etc.)

Detox (removing waste and toxins from our system) is a natural function, but in some cases we might need extra help from plant medicines (sacred & protected).

When we move in to the needs of shelter/homes and community we also see that we are not separate from nature or eachother. When we come together and share the work to sustain all our needs becomes much simpler. It is also in the community that our psychological needs are usually also met. When it comes to the needs of your Soul/Spirit it is only you that can answer that for yourself.

We find that listening to our intuition/hearts and connecting with our Soul/Spirit is easier when we have good health and a safe/peaceful/free environment.

Natural & organic foods and medicines should be available for all that may need it. Organic nutrient rich life giving foods that help to balance our entire being. It is also good to connect with the elements water, air, fire and earth. 

4 Economy – Resource based (real value)

The economy & sharing must be based upon actual resources and services (real value).
Natural materials from the earth that have practical use, services and goods that we need & value.

Every person has a responsibility to honor any agreement they enter into of their own free will(informed consent); as long as this agreement does not override human rights, cause harm to others or nature’s balance.

Fictitious currencies like fiat money, crypto etc that are not based on and or backed by real value; will be very unstable and risky because it is easy to corrupt and manipulate the market. Banks or similar systems can not be owned by anyone, they must be public, open and fair.

One of the models that look healthy are torus economies – See video
Another interesting subject is what comes after capitalism – See video

5. Dynamic Direct Democracy – Voting System

The following system is an idea; suggestion for a possible replacement of governmental systems.

Behind the closed doors of even the most promising democracies it has attracted power hungry people with agendas. Because it follows old models where a handful of people make decisions for the people, it is very fragile and risky for a population, especially for minorities. Unfortunately we see just how wrong this can go with the Covid-scam.

So how might we solve this & replace politicians all together?

Technology has gotten to the point where it actually is possible to create web & app that is available for all; See description of how this needs to be structured so that it is secure, effective and fair:

  1. Open Source: The system in its entirety needs to be public property (not owned by anyone).
  2. Server Network: The system needs to be on a secure server network with end to end encryption (preferably quantum computers), based on blockchain and also owned by the public (common).
  3. Transparent: There must be LIVE access to view the active source code at all times for all.
  4. Blockchain: All data including all votes are stored encrypted on all devices that use it, with automatic cross checking so that no one can tamper with data results.
  5. Security: Each profile needs to be confirmed living human being and securely logs in and confirms each vote with an encrypted ID (fingerprint if possible).
  6. Anonymity: Each person can choose to have an open or anonymous profile, and each vote for every case can be set to anonymous or visible.
  7. Accounting: Companies or Organisations can not have a profile, but their financial records will be available for all in public archives along with national tax records (if any).
  8. Resources: If possible the system can provide detailed reports of available resources including natural resources in any public area (common heritage).
  9. Accountability: Any person can access detailed financial records and create a public notice/case if anything is suspicious or not adequate use of resources, and suggest solutions or request voting for changes in the given public spending/work. All public spending needs to be transparent to all, open to scrutiny.
  10. Availability: Each person’s account should give a well organised and easy accessible panel of all cases that relate to them. Local cases show in profile for those it may concern, and in available archives for everyone else. Individual cases only show for those it concerns.
  11. Sovereignty: All cases/votes that affect freedom over each person’s own body & life is voted only by each person for themselves, and can not violate common rights & natural law.
  12. Common: All cases that affect more people are settled with majority vote(see a & b).

    a. Remember that no cases can be created that violate natural law or human rights.
    b. For very important subjects the voters can ask for the majority vote for a given case to be higher in order for there to be settlement (60, 70% etc). Votes may be counted by the number of people living in the affected area, not the general percentage of voters.
  13. Equal: Every vote is equal and every person has to answer control questions about the case & confirm ID when voting to ensure they understand their decision.
  14. Blank: If a person wants to give a blank vote they need to send in a standardised reason; the case lacked vital information, I did not understand the case, It does not concern me etc.
  15. Power of attorney: If a person wants to give proxy to someone else to vote for them in a particular case, category of cases or all cases they need to go through a series of security checks. When a person votes for you, you still get notification (sms/email) about each vote and can override it in any case and time.
  16. Cases: Any political cases or polls have to be created by a living person with full disclosure of legal name & connections (companies, organisations etc). Any case has to fill in detailed categorisation settings, descriptions,pro’s, con’s, how it affects Human rights, sovereignty, human needs, localisations, geographical size, impact on the environment and biodiversity, sustainability, economic impact, equality, security, implementation, standard of living etc.a. If it affects a small group of people or community it will show up on their profiles.
    b.If it affects many; the publisher must first gather a number of votes (by their own effort) until it appears on the profile for “everyone”.
    c. In very large & important cases it might be needed for the submitted case to go through public councils (elders) to check if it is in compliance with the best interest for ALL.

This system is yet to be developed, but  similar models are appearing around the world. The Voatz app is one example of this, but it is still only used for elections & is owned by a company (still not secure enough).

We encourage collaboration on this – You are free to contact the creators of this document, or to find others to co-create with.

6. Elder Councils

There might still be a need for public local councils with elders (chosen by the people) to guide and go through cases but they should NOT make decisions FOR the people. They should serve the public and have LIVE broadcast of meetings & full transparency. They can share wisdom, suggest cases, ideas & solutions but should not implement any laws or enforce actions on others (voting).

The images above are from the International Council of thirteen Indigeneus Grandmothers 

However good the technical system might turn out to be, we should always still encourage people to solve challenges and issues on a local level with physical meetings.There are many different ways to live, to build homes, to build community; and we can be free to unfold ourselves in so many creative ways. As long as we are willing to do the work needed we can do anything. Learning to work in harmony with nature and each other.If you want to learn more about how to create an eco-village & community you can go to Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) and connect with many like minded people and ways of building.It is also highly recommended to learn more about Permaculture & ways of growing organic food.

7. Remembering & honoring the sacred connection with nature – The divine spirit in all – Religious & Spiritual Freedom

We do well to remember; so much has happened for us to be able to be alive as these intelligent beautiful beings today. Nature & love is our true master and teaches us the balance between freedom and responsibility. It teaches us to give and come together and collaborate. 

Mother nature, in all her beautiful colors, teaches us so much. And when we open our hearts to that we blossom. Honoring the elements earth, water, fire, air, either(space) and spirit in all of nature, and ourselves as divine. There is a sacred balance that makes sure life can continue, and we do well to preserve and protect our planet. We do this in many ways by cleaning up after ourselves, recycling, choosing organic, learning about the plants, growing food, and having an intimate relationship with nature. Remembering where we came from, and being grateful for life.

There are many different plant medicines that help to heal us whenever we need, and these must be protected and kept sacred, along with indigenous traditions. As we learn to trust nature and our own hearts, the beauty just becomes greater and the dance & celebration of life, freedom, peace and love is sustained. The videos below may serve to inspire & move our spirit.

Trust the heart – Lead the way – The last Dragon

Peace invocation – Calling in heaven on earth

Cycles of water – Prayer & Celebration of nature

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