Holistic health simplified

Holistic health is the future of natural medicine, because it is the original methode of observing everything that effects us and healing the root causes. We believe it to be the future of mainstream medicine.

We all want optimal health that allows us to have long, meaningful lives filled with quality energy, without fear of disease. Our full potential is far more than we have been led to believe; and when we take natural measures for our bodies and minds and create a balanced and healthy lifestyle, everything changes.

Holistic health contains all the areas that significantly affect your health. We must understand that everything is connected and everything that is done in our lives must be seen as part of the whole that affects spirit, body & mind.

A healthy body

The body is directly affected by the air we breathe, the water and fluid we drink, the nutrients we eat, movement, contact with the earth and the elements, sunlight, sleep/rest (both quality and quantity). Our body may also be affected by the amount of toxins we are exposed to, including what we apply to the skin and have in our hair. An important factor that seems to always play a part is our thoughts and emotions, our minds (placebo and nocebo). Other frequencies like radiation, micro organisms and energy from others, may affect us; but if we take measures to give ourselves the fundamental needs our system becomes strong and protects us.

Fundamental physical needs:

  • Clean air (oxygen with “negatively” charged ions)
  • Clean natural water (ph-balance & vitality)
  • Sleep/rest (recovery and excretion)
  • Sunlight (lifeforce & internal nutrient production)
  • Grounding/earthing (balance, energy, contact)
  • Nutrition (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, microbes, enzymes, lifeforce)
  • Movement (training, yoga, dancing, flow etc.)
  • Detox (removing waste and toxins from our system).

Other needs:

When we move in to the needs of shelter/homes and community we also see that we are not separate from nature or each other. When we come together and share the work to sustain all our needs becomes much simpler. It is also in community that our psychological needs usually are also met. When it comes to the needs of your Spirit it is only you that can answer that for yourself.

We find that listening to our intuition/hearts and connecting with our soul/spirit is easier when we have good health and a safe/peaceful/free environment.

Luckely we get help from natural raw materials that provide nutrition, including plant “medicines” that heal/detox etc. Organic nutrient rich life-giving foods that help to balance our entire being. It is also good to connect with the elements water, air, fire and earth.

This article is just a simple guide, and your own realisations and medicine is key for your own happiness and freedom. We all have our own journeys, but we are not alone. We are walking each other home.

This is also one of the reasons why many people want to live in conscious communities. And this network website is created so that it becomes easier to establish successful ecovillages, permaculture gardens etc.

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