Community guiding principles

This platform is created for the purpose of harmonious unity and co-creation of conscious communities. Self-organising sustainable ecovillages, permaculture, regenerative organic agriculture and other similar communities. There are many beautiful souls that want to come together in safe environments both online and on sacred land, so that we can live in harmony with nature and eachother. Combining affordable living spaces, fair and open workplaces, sustainable food growing, ceremonial spaces, cultural meetingplaces, retreats, events and more to co-create vibrant societies that heal the people and the land.

To keep nature, peace, freedom and love sacred and prevalent we hope that a few common principles (Natural Law) may serve to guide us in a shared vision:

  1. Every being has the right to be sovereign and decide over their own body, mind and Life. Each person has freedom over their own life with truly equal rights. The Non-Aggression Principle (NAP) holds that no person may use violence, or the threat of violence, against another except in legitimate self-defense.
  2. Every person is responsible for their own actions and to do their best to respect all life and to care for the planet. Every person has a responsibility to honor any agreement they enter into of their own free will(informed consent); as long as this agreement does not override human rights, cause harm to others or nature’s balance.
  3. We recognise that we are part of a circle of life and by contributing to the holistic health of the community/planet we ensure that life is sustained. By helping each other fulfill our needs and heart dreams we provide for our own wellbeing as-well. Fair share and honesty in trade are strong values that guide us in our work.

These guiding principles are apparent in the 3 circles in the logo on this website and in the permaculture principles (Earth Care, Fair share & People care).

The 3 circles in the logo also represent the union between Spirit, Body & Mind; Union between 2 beings and the earth/spirit; Union of Feminine & Masculine creating child. Union between the 2 sides of the mind and the heart.

The purpose of this website is to make it easier for communities to share resources, knowledge and co-create their community dreams. We honor good health to be one of the most important resources in any community. If we have our health we have clear thinking, energy, workforce, creativity, care & love. We have found that good health is based upon 4 important pillars.

  1. Safe and natural resources are available to all (organic & preferably local).
  2. Truthful knowledge, independent science and practical information is shared.
  3. Safe and fertile environments both online and physical are sustained.
  4. People with care & love come together to heal and unite in harmony.

We know that we can create peaceful paradise together and ask that you keep your posts and sharing on this website focused on solutions and subjects that relate to our common dreams.

Characteristics of a holistically healthy society

  • All necessary resources are easily available for everyone.
  • The fundamental human needs are met for everyone.
  • All food and products are clean, safe and natural (organic, local).
  • All industry and production is sustainable and natural.
  • The cities and living areas are filled with vegetation and food-landscapes.
  • Optimal health is achievable for all (resources & help).
  • The majority of the people have balanced body, mind & spirit.
  • A healthy and balanced growth of economy and sharing (resource based).
  • All energy capturing and storage is renewable and sustainable.
  • Nature and technology develops in harmony (nature leads the way).
  • The people have balance consumption based on availability and equity.
  • The soil(earth), water & air is clean and sacred.
  • Sustained harmony between people, animals and nature.
  • The people gather around the sacred fire guided by it’s wisdom.
  • Family is sacred and protected by support groups (communities).
  • Balanced respect between the sacred masculine and feminine.
  • Co-creation fosters creative expression and love.
  • Healthy personal growth and spiritual self realisation.
  • Honesty and integrity are strong values that guides the people.
  • Fundamental human rights are sustained by all groups (communities).
  • All children are safe, sacred and learn how to care for the community & holistic health.

Here is an inspirational video that takes your through a journey with the water and through beautiful paradise communities that honor the elements. This visionairy art has been channeled to inspire us and guide us. There are so many beings that dream in similar ways and together we manifest and co-create so much beauty.

For the scandinavian tribes this is a special visionary artwork: